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Internationale Jesus Gemeinde München

Welcomes you

Forget Yourself in the presence of God. Refresh at the IJG Munich Charging Station. Recharge yourself to Live for Jesus, put on the full armour of God. Only Jesus can calm the Storm, HE can transform your life, He can change your situation. Experience God as your Saviour, Healer, Deliverer, through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Said "Your Sorrow will turn into Joy", Come to HIM today!!

Join us every Sunday (3:00 pm) for a lively fellowship.

Worship Services

English Service: Every Sunday at 15:00
Tamil Service: Every Sunday at 16:30

Location: EMK Kirchensaal, Hanauer Str. 54, Munich

Our Church services are a very important part of our church life and are a place of encouragement and comfort. We celebrate corporate worship with lively music and praise, and experience the presence of the Lord. We listen to testimonies from people whose lives have positively experienced God and hear relevant, refreshing sermons. We spend time in fellowship where we encourage one another and pray for each other.

All our services are bilingual (English and German) and have an international and multicultural flair. Our services take place in Hanauer Strasse 54, 80992 Munich, which is approximately two minutes from Olympia-Einkaufszentrum Munich.

Children are important to God and to us, so we also have an exciting and action-packed program for children of all age brackets.


Join us for a Coffee !!

Pastor Isaac Devairakkam
IJG Munich Leadership Team :
Pr. Frank Asante, Bro. Sunny Gardiner/ Bro.Charles Premkumar

International Jesus Gemeinde, München
EMK, Hanauer Straße 54, 80992, München

For Children's Ministry details please contact: Sunny and Sonal Gardiner (

International Worship Service:
Sunday 15:00 (English / Deutsch)

Tamil Church Services:

Sunday 16:30

Online Cell group / Hauskreis
Every Friday at 19:30 online via Zoom (contact us to know the details).

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Internationale Jesus Gemeinde, München

Hanauer Str. 54, 80992 München (EMK Kirchensaal)